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Fascination Bellinzona - experience the flair of Ticino

From CHF 79 Discover medieval castles and enjoy an aperitivo in the charming old town

Bellinzona is a journey of discovery that leaves you wanting more.

With the "Fascination Bellinzona" experience, you travel to Bellinzona on the Treno Gottardo via the historic Gotthard panoramic route. Enjoy the day with the Bellinzona Pass and stroll through the impressive castles, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Bring the afternoon to a leisurely close with a typical aperitivo in the old town, where a fine glass of Ticino red or white wine and an aperitif plate await you.

Included in the offer:

  • Travel on the Treno Gottardo from Zurich, Basel (via Lucerne, Airolo) to Bellinzona and back

  • Free coffee on the Treno Gottardo IR 26/46

  • "Welcome Bag" from Bellinzona e Valli

  • Bellinzona Pass: admission to the fortress of Bellinzona

  • Aperitivo Ticinese in the Peverelli bar and tea room in Piazza Collegiata in the old town

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